Great ad design makes Money.

Avoid wasteful expenditure in the ad and product sales arena.

Although the following scenario uses an ‘ad booking’ scenario as an example, it is pertinent to any advertising or marketing product where the client is separated from the design staff by way of a sales person or production process.

Advertising space or products are largely sold by advertising or product sales reps whose sole job it is to do just that: sell advertising space. This does not make them advertising experts: they are sales people, and most don’t care about the client’s actual financial return or response stemming from the purchase of that space. Their objective is simply to sell that space. Once the space is sold, the development of the ad or project is typically handed off, with crude instruction, to some underpaid, under qualified, under appreciated and overworked production person who has no emotional connection with the client or stake in the success of their business. They will most likely not even have the opportunity, or inclination, to discuss the project in person with the client. This detachment between the client and designer invariably results in an ad (or project) that meets the basic communication requirements of the project (i.e. logo, picture, contact info): just enough to achieve sign-off … but offering little more. This type of ineffective ad is responsible for more disenfranchised utterances of “advertising doesn’t work” than any other phenomenon in the advertising world.

Professional design and creative content are critical to the success of any marketing or advertising project. If the concept, design, and impression of any marketing piece is weak, the campaign or product won’t be worth the medium it’s presented on – no matter how cost effective the medium or delivery mechanism was.

“It is our position that the design and creative of any campaign represents the entire value of the project’s worth. Media such as paper and pixels have no innate advertising value. Without great creative, these elements are worthless to the advertiser.”

Allair Media’s marketing and advertising in-house production services ensure a unified, thorough, and integrated marketing communication solution. Well-executed print advertising design, direct mail, trade-show design, packaging, and point-of-purchase materials are integral to the success of marketing efforts everywhere.

We have designed and executed thousands of measurably successful campaigns and collateral support projects for businesses across North America. It is this experience, in tandem with a commitment to the unique presentation of ideas, that provides the foundation from which outstanding returns are born.

If you want to realize significant returns on your advertising, have your materials developed by those whose job it is to create campaigns that achieve them. Don’t assume that the ‘free production’ you get when booking ad space is going to result in a great ad: it most likely won’t.