You’ll Never Get A Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression.

In the modern online space, your video is your digital handshake with potential customers.

With an ever increasing population using phones as their primary tool for online browsing, video is more accessible than ever before, while boasting engagement levels second to none.

Seeing main-stream proliferation of social media as a marketing delivery mechanism, full-length, mastered videos, can be readily cut into multiple, shorter segments to be scheduled and released throughout a longer campaign period.


Types of Video Production

• Corporate/Biographical

• Advertising Commercial

• Instructional

• Documentary

• Television / Entertainment


What Affects Video Production Costs?

The cost of video production is based on a series of considerations. For this reason, the answer to “How much does a marketing production video cost?” can be frustratingly vague.

These consideration can include:

• Total runtime of the finished video

• Number of cameras and audio capture requirements

• Shooting location

• Required staging

• Custom motion graphic treatments

• Talent/actors

• Editing mastered video into smaller segments


Video Length

The longer the video, the more work will be required in both pre-production and post-production. As you would expect, the more work involved, the higher the cost will be.


Video Style Affects Pricing

How much audio and video capture your production studio needs will depend on your creative concept and communication objectives. For example, a simple 3-minute video with one camera and a single boom mic might take 3 days worth of post production, while a more complex, multi-camera/multi shoot 3-minute video might take 14 days. Total cost depends on the time required to accomplish objectives and what the exact production requirements are.


Shooting Location

The physical location, or locations, of required shoots will factor into the cost of production relative to travel time, fuel, and accessibility.


Required Staging

Set construction and staging, including physical sets, lighting and audio set-up.


Custom Motion Graphic Treatments

Animated graphics can be particularly time-consuming, which is why it’s important for us to estimate the length of the video as early on as possible. Doing so allows us to budget the amount of animators and designers we will need from the beginning.



The contracting of actors, on-air personalities, and even voice-over talent will add cost to production.



Full-length, mastered videos, can be readily cut into multiple, shorter segments to be scheduled and released throughout a longer campaign period.





Video Concept Planning

What follows is a list of what typically occurs from conceptual planning through to post-production:


Planning Stages

Outline the overall approach to the video

Discuss with client the subject matter and content that must appear in the video

• If required, discuss how many on-camera interviews will be conducted; select interviewees and discuss plan for contacting and coordinating each person

• Confirm final platform for the video – to meet requirements (Instagram, Youtube, Broadcast Television, Twitter, Facebook etc.)



• Full production scripting development for client sign-off

    – Create necessary shot lists (based on the concept meeting)

    – If applicable, prepare interview questions (based on the concept meeting)

• Prepare equipment, coordinate talent, confirm transportation, venues, catering, rentals, insurance, etc.


Video Shoot

• Videographer, producer, and director visit each site to capture the shot list

• Videographer also shoots other raw video (B roll) he/she finds relevant or beneficial

• If interviews are required, videographer, producer, director, and sound technician would interview predetermined people in accordance with the script


Video Post-Production

Review all the raw video that was shot

• Transcribe all audio from interviews (if necessary)

• Notes regarding captured audio and raw video are reviewed

• Interview segments are selected, then arranged into a “rough cut” based on the original approved script

• Relevant graphics are created, and added into the “rough cut”

• Preview video is provided to customer for viewing

• Required modifications are discussed and performed

• Final sign off is confirmed with client (picture is locked)

• Final sound mix created (if necessary)

• Digital master files are created and delivered accordingly